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Healing Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Healing School is an outreach of Martiele Swanko Ministries. It is a place where the Word of God is taught and the sick are set free and healed. Trained Students minister God’s Word to those who attend just as a doctor would prescribe treatment. No matter the disease or circumstances, the Word promises an abundant life. Our Ministers & Students are sensitive to the Spirit of God and flow with Him. And based on God’s Word, they expect every person to be healed.

Healing School covers faith, healing, and other vital subjects. Teaching is coupled with one-on-one ministry by trained Ministers. Those who attend benefit from an up-close, personal touch. Personal Ministry is given to all those attending as time permits.

Healing School is offered free of charge.

All sessions are open to the general public.

Every Monday Night at 9PM EST.

Each Healing School session is specifically targeted to help you receive your healing. So we recommend that you attend as much as possible so your faith will increase to believe for your healing. It also is helpful to see others get healed, to increase your faith as well.

Yes. There is no limit to how long you may attend Healing School.

We do not provide nursery or child care during Healing School services because every meeting is done via a conference call or webinar, as well as social media. To help you receive the most out of every session, we recommend that you arrange child care for infants and small children in advance, so you can listen without interruptions.

Yes. If your child is the one in need of healing, you may bring him or her to Healing School to receive personal ministry. Or, if you prefer, you may attend alone.

Yes, we have a variety of weekly events. See our Weekly Calendar Link posted on this page.

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